I am a wife and mother to two beautiful little girls. I have been an artist in some form my entire life...theater, music, writing, dancing, painting...and of course photography. I remember making a pinhole camera out of a shoe box more than 20 years ago...and thinking it was pure magic.

I love nights full of laughter with loved ones. Good food and wine are the way to my heart. Fall is my very favorite season...and not just because of football, (but that is a big part)! I enjoy cooking but have a terrible habit of always wanting to cook pasta. I feel at peace and at home when I am sitting on a beach, staring out at the ocean. Long runs are my meditation. I have visited 17 countries and counting. I love lighting candles at the end of the day. My sweet tooth is insatiable. I love a good thunderstorm. Flea markets and antique malls are a few of my 'happy places.' I find Weeping Willow trees magical. "The Sound of Music" and the Movie "Clue" hold a special place in my heart. I am the oldest of four siblings and have an amazing family. I thank God every day for all that he has given me.

It is a truely humbling feeling to know that...by standing behind my lens and clicking away, I am able to create and provide something tangible that captures the most amazing but intangible gift in the world....love. Love for your child, for your partner or spouse, for your family, your pet, your profession, yourself.

I feel blessed to have found something I love that has the ability to move people, and would be honored to freeze time for you and your loved ones.


Photo credit to the very talented Project Duo Photography out of Atlanta, GA.